Epic Chat Battles of Historyyy

Advanced ML Project

2 May 2018

In this project, we consider the problem of generating a self-sustaining dialogue between two or more actors who speak with their own distictive styles. Seq2seq models have been successfully used to train recurrent neural networks to learn the mapping from one sequence of words to another. Here, we aim to see if such networks can be trained to share a common context vector space to enable a common understanding between the two actors.

We went on with a bizarre idea of piping the output of encoder of one actor to the decoder of another and so on to generate an implicit one-to-one mapping between the context vector spaces of the two Seq2seq models, which did not work in the end but it sounds very interesting and fun to imagine. I will leave the details to the report and just show you an example conversation

  • HAMLET:two thousand souls and twenty thousand ducats
  • KANYE:when we been she call you ask me no way
    how its just control
    like in the people
    right will probably cause on the any i cant buy her
    why do the mall with the dope with a lil girl throw only called
  • HENRY V:that you are like him down the kings quarrel
    the taste not the king keeps the fault
    my father of a king and his son
    and with crispian but his thought
  • HAMLET:come here to the to
    when he hath let me comply with you in this
    that was in your own two help all
    thus i should have and within of nature
    so horridly to shake our disposition and
    they are be the as as by my father
  • KANYE:go from it we gon be face
    and i wont mean no things she got they ass for money
    and when i know it take closed
  • HAMLET:digested the king and the suits of woe
    must to the very comment of thy soul
    observe mine uncle if his occulted guilt
    do not itself unkennel in one speech
    it is a damned ghost that we have seen
    and my imaginations are as foul
  • HENRY V:they are hard of this
    the man have their nobles that them him
    no yet it of god death

Our complete presentation can be found here.

Thanks to Anuj Shetty, Tejas Srinivasan and Sandesh Kalantre for working with me on this project.