Ionising Sources for HII Regions in IRAS 16164-5046

NIUS 2017

12 January 2018

In this project, we use observations of IRAS 16164-5046 in 1280 MHz band of GMRT, to try to find the exact spectral type of the OB stars which are candidate ionising sources for HII regions in the observed area. This would give us an idea about what stage of star formation they are in. Comparing this to the environment, we can deduce parts of the full story of star formation. Based on the morphology of HII regions, we can deduce star formation related events that occurred/are occurring in the region.

I am sorry but I cannot reveal more information about this as of writing, since my colleagues from this project are aiming for a publication from the results. However, you can enjoy a draft of the radio map of the region in 1280 MHz.

Thanks to Vedant Shenoy, Yash Mehta and Anoop Gavankar for working with me on this project, and Prof. Sarita Vig for her guidance.